Keep your gallery safe.

SafeScan AI scans your phone gallery, finds intimate pics & videos and moves them to a locked safe.

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Stop going through your gallery manually

SafeScan uses machine learning algorithms to detect sensitive media you left on your phone. It then secures the items in a safe so no one else could get their hands on it.

Offline Scan

SafeScan can scan thousands of photos and videos in a matter of minutes. The best thing? your media never leaves your phone. The detection is done 100% on device.


Detected media is transferred to a password / fingerprint protected safe. No one will be able to access it except for you.

24/7 Protection

SafeScan continuously scans your library, 24/7. Every photo that gets saved from messaging apps will be scanned for maximum safety.


I installed SafeScan on all my kids phones to make sure nothing bad gets on these devices.

Finally I can show photos from my last vacation without worrying someone will scroll over to the wrong picture...

Knowing my phone is forever clean from problematic content is important to me. SafeScan does the job.


  • Are my photos and videos safe?

    SafeScan is built in a way where your media never leaves your phone! The scan is done exclusively on your device. Try us, use the app in airplane mode!

  • How does the detection work?

    SafeScan uses state of the art machine learning algorithms to detect NSFW content. The current success rate is 99.8%

  • How much does it cost?

    SafeScan is free. We do have a pro subscription for users who want 24/7 protection with higher detection options.

  • SafeScan detected regular pictures as NSFW. What do I do?

    No worries! Simply tap the "Restore" button and the photo will get back to it's original place in the gallery.